The New Territories Concern Group was founded on the 4th May 2013. It was established with the aim of monitoring the Government’s various policies in relation to the New Territories. CG hopes to provide a voice for the Hong Kong people on a range of issues, including but not limited to New Territories Exempt Houses, Unauthorized Building Works, land reclamation, traffic and transportation, as well as building management. The N.T. Concern Group hopes to assist the Government in developing a more effective and balanced policy direction, so as to relieve the pressure and tensions of different parties and factions.

  1. Aims:
    1. To apply pressure on the Government in relation to:
      1. Expansion of the 19 existing items listed in the Guidelines for Exemptions in the application for NTEH UBW exemption certificates;
      2. Amendment of the existing Buildings Ordinance by adding a provision that provides a simple reporting mechanism, which would also allow residents to undertake legal alternations to their property;
      3. To legalize minor UBWs in NTEHs that were constructed before 28th June 2011, given that such structures are not in serious contravention of the law;
    2. To reflect to the Government the views and opinions on its policies regarding development in the New Territories, to increase and strengthen communication;
    3. To obtain from the Government a reasonable allowance for the New Territories village representatives, with appropriate subsidy adjustments;
    4. To obtain amenities or other facilities that would improve the living standards of N.T. residents;
    5. To connect with N.T. residents and various non-governmental organizations, in order to improve mutual awareness and to promote liaisons between these factions of the community;
    6. To coordinate with other villages in creating groups with similar aims and interests
  2. Structure:
  3. The N.T. Concern Group is led by an Executive Committee, with five specialized teams to handle projects of various nature:

    1. Buildings and Amenities Team: Responsible for matters regarding Unauthorized Building Works (UBWs) on New Territories Exempt Houses (NTEH), and to advocate for the amendment of the existing Buildings Ordinance;
    2. New Territories Concerns Team: Responsible for analyzing the overall general policy direction of New Territories development;
    3. Rights and Interests Team: Responsible for dealing with the rights and interests of the village entity, and to strive for the adjustment of wages and subsidies for the village representatives;
    4. Community Activities Team: Responsible for organizing cultural activities in the community, protecting the rights of property owners, contacting non-governmental organizations to strengthen community ties, and organizing various recreational activities for liaison purposes;
    5. Operations Support Team: Responsible for the organization and logistical support of the other teams’ projects.
  4. New Territories Concern Group Executive Committee:
    Third Term of Board of Executives
  5. Chairman :Tang Yung Yiu (Ronnie)
    Vice-Chairman:Fung Ying Cheung
    Cheung Yat Wah
    Secretary:Chau Chun Kun
    Treasurer:Tang Tak Sam
    Public Relations:Ho Kwan Yiu (Junius) [Spokesman]
    Standing committee members: Tsang Shu Wo
    Man Chung Hing
    Man Kwong Ming
    Hui Cheuk Ho


Housing and Recreational Facilities Reform Commission

(Advocates for the Legalization of UBW)

Phone:2805 1188
Address:2nd Floor, No. 77, Leung Tin Tsuen, Tuen Mun