Statement from Shanghai

2014-04-14 20:39:37

We are happy to have had the opportunity to go through an inspection of a Plasma Gasification (“PG”) site in Shanghai and to have a productive discussion with Mr. Dean Mao, Deputy General Manager of GTS Energy Technology (Shanghai) (“GTS”).
According to our inspection and interview, PG technology is an effective method in terms of cost and disposal of toxic waste. GTS is a pilot scheme to verify the efficiency of the PG technology for processing special/ toxic waste and is considered to be an equally effective technology for processing municipal solid waste (“MSW”).
We are also given to understand it costs a reasonable (CNY) ¥500-¥600 to process a tonne of toxic waste using the advanced PG technology which is in an emerging market. In comparison, it is understood that the costs to process a tonne of MSW using moving-grate incineration is around (HKD) $400. Although incineration is seemingly cheaper, it is processing domestic waste which is not toxic. 
The mature and user-friendly PG technology has a lot of potential hence its budding role in the waste management technology market.
NT Concern Group
14th April 2014